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Circle duralumin D16
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Aluminum wrought alloy of D16. In the chemical composition an alloy of D16 contains chemical elements in %: Fe to 0,5 Si to 0,5 Mn 0,3 - 0,9 Ni to 0,1 Ti to 0,1 Al 90,8 - 94,7 Cu 3,8 - 4,9 Mg 1,2 - 1,8 Zn to 0,3 Wrought alloys are alloys which subject to hot and cold working pressure - rolling,...
Group: Duraluminium
1376 KZT
Circle duralumin D16T
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Aluminum wrought alloy of D16T. D16T-an aluminum wrought alloy with the high content of copper and magnesium. The letter D designates duralumin, and digit 16 indicates percentage purity of an alloy. Chemical composition of material is specified in GOST 4784-97. Selection and preparation of tests...
Group: Duraluminium
1926 KZT


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