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Plate of aluminum AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm OST 1 92063-78
  • Plate of aluminum AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm OST 1 92063-78

Plate of aluminum AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm OST 1 92063-78

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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The aluminum plate represents a flat profile of light silvery metal, more than 10 mm thick. It is a semi-finished product of rectangular section for production of structural elements and details, in particular compression molds and special preparations. Plates receive from pure aluminum and its alloys in the course of rolling or way of casting. A plate of AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm OST 1 92063-78 available in a warehouse, we carry out delivery across Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. The urgent price to you will be prompted by our manager. It is easy to buy the Plate AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm OST 1 92063-78: 1. You send the application 2. We make out you account 3. You pay in the way 4, convenient for you. You receive the goods That it is necessary to know about the BVB-alliance company. • The delivered metal rolling constantly is available, and is stored "about 2000 tons" in a warehouse. • Own production of a professional flooring. • We offer a payment delay "about one month". • We do everything possible for minimization of terms of processing and delivery. • We carry out cutting of metal in the size and according to your drawings. • We provide service of responsible storage in the covered warehouse. • We offer the loyalty program allowing to receive discounts for purchase, processing or delivery of metal rolling. Advantages of work with us: 1. Goods available in a warehouse 2. Official guarantee 3. High quality of goods 4. Expeditious delivery 5. The loyalty program the Urgent price on the Plate of AMTsN2 27х1500х3000 mm will prompt OST to 1 92063-78 you our manager. The final price of production is formed, proceeding from terms of delivery: quantity, terms of payment and place of shipment. Ask the manager. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of Art. 447 of the Civil code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2021

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